NFP Basics

NFP Basics is an add-on module for marriage prep programs that overviews Natural Family Planning, Fertility Science, Catholic sexual ethics, and Theology of the Body as it applies to sex and intimacy. 

One-on-one coaching

Looking for help when it comes to using NFP in your marriage? Have questions around sexuality and NFP? Looking for answers to questions around Catholic sexual ethics but don’t want to ask Google?

Come chat with me in a coaching session!

Need help picking a method?

There’s a lot of info out there about fertility awareness methods and it can be confusing to try to sort through it all. 

Let me help! I offer both a self-paced workshop as well as one on one coaching for individuals looking for a more personalized approach. 

Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method

I’m an instructor with SymptoPro an organization that certifies fertility awareness educators in a Sympto-Thermal method of fertility awareness. I’d love to help you learn

NFP for Priests

This short, 20-minute video helps Priests find the info they need to know about NFP without having to sort through massive amounts of information. 

Speaking Engagements

I’d love to join you virtually or in person at your event!

I have spoken at diocesan events, marriage prep retreats, teen retreats, young adult meetings and events, and parish events and missions. 

I love to speak on topics ranging from Theology of the Body, Natural Family Planning and fertility awareness science and effectiveness, church teachings on human sexuality, the dignity of the human person, and everything in between. 

Reach out to me to chat about your event by sending a message via the button below

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